An exciting new area of medical and anti-aging research concerns an aspect of genetics called the telomeres. These are strands of DNA at the ends of each of your chromosomes. At conception there are about 15,000 pairs of them linked to the end of each chromosome in your body. As you age, they become shorter and shorter until there are only about 4000 pairs of them. At that point, most people die of old age.

Researchers observe that anything that keeps the telomeres longer and extends them will decrease or inhibit aging. This is very exciting news as it gives scientists a way to check how “old” your body is on the inside without surgery. It is relatively easy to count the telomeres from a simple blood sample or even a hair or other tissue sample.


Research is just starting on this topic. However, scientists have found the following, so far:

1. Vigorous exercise. In young people, exercise is not helpful. But in those over about age 40 to 50, short periods of vigorous exercise called the “Peak 8” or other types of vigorous exercise is helpful to slow the aging process of telomere shortening. Unfortunately, vigorous exercise has many other problems, such as stressing the joints, perhaps, and is difficult for people who are ill to do. However, it works a little in older people. It may increase oxygenation, circulation and hydration.

2. A nutritional balancing program. This is even better than exercise, as I will explain below.

3. Selenium supplements. A form of selenium found in blue corn, and a particular sea salt called Hawaiian Jade sea salt, may be helpful. Click on the words above to read more about these products and where to obtain them.

4. Glutathione and anti-oxidants. One type of poisoning that shortens the telomeres is oxidant damage. This means that anything that can help prevent oxidant damage is helpful to preserve your telomeres.

This includes anti-oxidants, but especially the master anti-oxidant, glutathione. This is made inside each cell, which is far better than taking anti-oxidant supplements. To read about the problems with anti-oxidant nutrients and supplements read Anti-Oxidant Therapy on this website.

Anything that increases glutathione is helpful. Selenium is required to make glutathione, along with several amino acids. An excellent idea is to eat plenty of sulfur-containing amino acids. These are found in meats, eggs, green cooked vegetables, whey protein, and few other foods. For more information about this topic, read Glutathione on this website.

5. Yang energy. Anything that makes the body more yang in a healthy way may help. This concept is still not accepted medically. However, it has been known for thousands of years and used in sciences such as acupuncture and other ancient Oriental sciences. For much more on this topic, read Yin and Yang Healing on this website. Also, be sure to read Yin Disease on this website.

6. Undoing mental and psychological traumas. This is mentioned in a recent book The Immortality Edge, which is a research report on Telomeres. Many methods can be used to undo traumas and psychological stress that simply wears out the body faster.

Nutritional balancing science uses nutrition, plus mild exercise, plus much more rest and sleep, and the Roy Masters meditation exercise, but not others. This is all explained in depth in other articles on this website.

The problem with many stress release techniques such as vigorous exercise and homeopathy, herbs, vitamins and others, is they have other undesirable effects. This must be recalled at all times when considering these approaches.


Nutritional balancing is the best method to lengthen your telomeres, bar none, according to some research that I will make public at some point.

For now, I invite any researcher to check this statement. I would work with anyone who wishes to research it by providing appropriate subjects for the study. These would be people that I believe are following the program properly. If others do this research, I request that they consult me before beginning the program and during the study, as it is easy to not do the program properly and not realize it.

It is also easy to sabotage the program and therefore obtain false results. When done properly, nutritional balancing is excellent for lengthening the telomeres, much better than just vigorous exercise and whey protein powder.

For more on related subjects and to understand why nutritional balancing may be helpful, read Etheric Energy and Etheric Resetting.

1. The Immortality Edge by M. Fossel, G. Blackburn, and D. Woyarowski.
2. Dr. Mercola’s article of 4/19/2011 is:

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