What Causes Inflammation?

How You Can Create Inflammation Eating foods to which your body is sensitive, allergic or intolerant. Eating sugar, artificial sweeteners or processed and high-glycemic carbohydrates. Eating pro-inflammatory fats, such as those found in eggs, corn and dairy. Eating trans and damaged fats. Having abdominal fat. Having a leaky gut. How To Reduce Inflammation Make an… Continue reading What Causes Inflammation?

Is Inflammation All That Good?

Ironically, inflammation is a necessary by-product of an intense immune response that is, it’s suppose to help your system heal.  When your body is invaded by a toxin, bacteria, virus or an intolerant food, your immune system swiftly triggers a cascade of healing and protective chemicals that rush to the site. You can think of… Continue reading Is Inflammation All That Good?

PLEASE, Don’t Blame Your Genes

YOUR GENES LOAD THE GUN BUT YOU PULL THE TRIGGER Dr. Carl Taylor Epigenetics tells us that our genes are not our fate. Just because we’re genetically predisposed to high cholesterol levels doesn’t mean that heart disease is inevitable. Genetics may put you in a higher risk, but you can make the right choices for your health to keep… Continue reading PLEASE, Don’t Blame Your Genes