PLEASE, Don’t Blame Your Genes

Dr. Carl Taylor

Epigenetics tells us that our genes are not our fate.

Just because we’re genetically predisposed to high cholesterol levels doesn’t mean that heart disease is inevitable.

Genetics may put you in a higher risk, but you can make the right choices for your health to keep those genes turned off.

This requires eating whole-foods diet, managing stress, being physically active, filling in nutritional/supplemental gaps, and having community for support.

(Dr. Neel Patel, board-certified cardiologist)

FIX the immune system and you fix everything else. ( Dr. Kent Holtorf)

The biggest contributing factor is your poor choice of food AND this is the #1 cause of your inflammation, and it’s not helping your genes! 

‘There are answers to many health conditions because most health issues are caused by INFLAMMATION.’

( Dr. Perlmutter’s new book Drop Acid)

The body’s natural fire department is GLUTATHIONE and it gets compromised for many reasons, age being just one.

Many of you reading this have already tried every pill for every ill.Medications don’t fix root causes, they only focus on the symptoms.

Make no mistake that you are what you eat. Once you give your body excellent nutrients, your body will respond by eliminating the toxins and repairing itself.

It’s that simple, but we can assist the repairing by removing the toxins and bringing down the raging fire.

Once you have a normal amount of Glutathione formed inside your cell, then your immune system kicks into action and does what an IMMUNE SYSTEM is supposed to do… protect you!

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on 29 June 2022, 8:48 am
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