Is Inflammation All That Good?

Ironically, inflammation is a necessary by-product of an intense immune response that is, it’s suppose to help your system heal.  When your body is invaded by a toxin, bacteria, virus or an intolerant food, your immune system swiftly triggers a cascade of healing and protective chemicals that rush to the site.

You can think of your immune system as an ambulance that comes roaring to the rescue after an accident.

But, suppose that ambulance driver is so anxious to reach you that he crashes right through the side of your house. Maybe that ambulance driver would have the trauma recurring over and over and over and over, crashing continually,

That’s Chronic inflammation- the negative side effect of our healing process.

There is a serious warning sign that can be tested.

If you want to know whether your body is inflamed, ask your healthcare provider to test your high-sensitivity C-Reactive protein (hs-CRP). Even a slightly elevated hs-CRP is associated with possible poor outcomes. It’s a predictor of diabetes, heart attack and stroke to name just a few. (Dr. Carl Taylor)

It’s number is to be as close to 0 as possible.

Inflammation is cooled down by Glutathione- our body’s fire department found inside our cells. It is a significant part of our immune system.

Glutathione is vital to life. Without it, you will not live.

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on 16 July 2022, 4:57 pm
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