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Innovation In Concussion, Autism, and Dementia Therapy

Proven, natural support for autism, concussion recovery, and dementia care.

A scientifically proven, medical-grade natural product that has shown remarkable benefits for individuals with autism, concussions, and dementia. Supported by extensive research and numerous testimonials, this natural product offers a safe and effective way to enhance brain health and overall wellbeing.

Key Benefits:

Autism Support: Helps improve cognitive function, emotional regulation, and social interactions.

  • “I would love my son to feel good enough to play with others.”

  • “I’m concerned about how well he can carry on a conversation.”

Concussion Recovery: Aids in faster recovery by supporting brain health and reducing inflammation.

  • “I wish for a product that makes a difference, without side effects.”

  • “I would love to have faster recovery.”

Dementia Care: Enhances cognitive function, memory, and overall quality of life for those affected by dementia.

  • “I am afraid of loosing my memory.”

  • “I’m curious about the treatments available for dementia and how well they work.”

Experience the transformative power of a proven natural  help for better brain health.

 Proven results for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Alice here, let’s just take a minute…

Alice Gunderson has been coaching for more than 20 years.

At a young age, Alice decided to become a teacher. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and received her Bachelor of Education degree. She taught and coached successfully for many years. When Alice retired from teaching, it seemed only natural for her to continue to help others.

Alice’s approach to coaching is rooted in authenticity. She is committed to creating an environment where every individual with autism feels valued and understood.

Her favorite line is “Dig the well …before you need the water”. Read more…


Natural Support for Autism Concussion and Dementia

What people are saying about Alice

Dr. Norman Yanitski & Mrs. Betty Yanitski | Personal Reference

We have known Alice Gunderson for over 40 years and are delighted to provide a personal reference. Alice is a hardworking, enthusiastic and loyal friend to all who have had the pleasure to know her friendship. Her positive attitude in all her endeavors is immediately apparent. She is extremely family focused and loves to be with her adult children and grandchildren. Alice and her husband are also strongly supported and grounded by their faith. We have had the honor to watch Alice share her talents as an educator into new entrepreneurial endeavors, and now as an author. Alice is a steadfast advocate and mentor for women, and her business acumen encourages financial preparedness at every level from Boards to executive management. It is an honour to provide Alice Gunderson with this excellent reference, and we know she will continue to share her highly positive love of life.

– Dr. Norman Yanitski Ed.D.  &  Mrs. Betty Yanitski B.Ed (Dist), M.A.

Owners of Alpine Lodging, Kimberley, B.C. | Business Reference

Alice is a highly positive and energetic individual who approaches all aspects of life with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. She is known for her unwavering honesty and sincerity, which make her a trusted partner in any business relationship. Alice’s generosity and kindness extend not only to her clients and colleagues but also to the broader community.

As a supportive entrepreneur, Alice is always willing to go the extra mile to help others achieve their goals. She has a strong track record of success in her own business ventures and is eager to share her knowledge and expertise with those around her. Whether you need a collaborator, consultant, or someone to join your team, Alice’s remarkable qualities make her a valuable asset to any business venture.

– Tony Harris & Tracy Harris

Dianna Millard | Personal Reference

Alice Gunderson is a multi-talented, personable, knowledgeable, accomplished, thoughtful, and caring woman. She excels in all areas of her life. Alice has an entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrates leadership qualities, and has been successful in her many endeavors. She has a strong business sense and is very resourceful in making things happen. She is creative, high energy, intelligent, research and product knowledgeable, and customer oriented. She has a strong work ethic, demonstrates high integrity, and makes values-based decisions. These are all attributes for her success in business. I have known Alice and her husband, Terry for many decades. They are role models in their marriage, their family life, their personal lives, and their professional lives. My husband, Gordon and I value their friendship.

– Dianna Millard, PhD

Gilberto (Gil) Dimas | Personal Reference

I have known Alice Gunderson and her family for nearly 30 years and have observed her life in a wide range of settings – as a spouse, a parent, a volunteer, a friend, and business woman. Alice is authentic and consistent in all those settings, what you see is what you get. She displays a very positive and winsome attitude at all times and in all circumstances. Her optimistic personality is contagious as is her fun-loving disposition. She works hard at all she does and always faces challenges with a can-do attitude. 

Alice is articulate and able to motivate individuals and groups to work together towards a common goal. These and other qualities enable Alice to succeed in whatever endeavours she pursues. I am thankful to have had her as a friend for all these years and feel that I am a better leader because of her influence. I am sure that I am not the only one to have benefitted in this way from knowing Alice.

– Rev. Gilberto (Gil) Dimas

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