Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Hello, my name is Alice and let me tell you how myself and this product met ! I am a seriously fun skier. The view from atop the Rockies is amazingly beautiful.
However, on top of Banff Avenue on top of Sunshine in Banff, AB someone ran over my skis resulting in two severely torn meniscus. When I checked in with my doctor (a trainer with a professional football team and a MD), he examined the knees and set up surgery in two weeks! Yikes !!
That day, I met someone “accidently” who sold Immunocal and immediately asked him to bring the product over and a sign up sheet (I knew it would be cheaper)
On Day 13 of taking the product I noticed I could go down the stairs somewhat normally, checked in with my doctor and he said “no surgery needed” He was pleasantly surprised and said “keep on doing what you’ve been doing”.
I continue to ski :), with absolutely no pain.

This is an amazing product from the science and clinical studies to all the testimonials that has helped thousands of people just like me. A healthy immune system wants to keep you healthy.

I continue to take Immunocal and I have enjoyed a lifestyle that includes income and health.

I’m still taking the product and I absolutely love it! My goal is to introduce as many people as possible to this amazing product line so that their family and friends can attain good health and vitality. And if they love the product as much as I do, they will want to join my team.

And on another note on the business side I received a Mediterranean Cruise as well as business weekends at mountain resorts. However, it hasn’t been easy for me. I usually have 2-3 projects on at the same time so I’ve had to seriously learn to organize my time. Also, I was very shy or inward and had to build confidence and trust dealing with people. It’s taking time as I continue to grow but I like the outcome. I still love what I’m doing and by being a part of this health movement, I’ve been able to contribute and feel fulfilled. The extra income has allowed us to travel more and do more. Let me show you how to start building your business today!

Yes, I am looking for 10 Bad Ass Women (and a few good men) who know they can do more, are capable and sometimes feel undervalued or over-shadowed.

Come on board, I would love to meet you!

Alice Gunderson

7 Steps to Strengthen Your Immunity