Immunocal has helped people with all types of health situations....

Wally's Story

In 1997 I was rushed to the hospital with a heart beat of 200 beats per minute. The emergency doctor was able to control both the high heart rate and the irregular beats with medication.

The following day I was transferred to a heart specialist. After extensive tests the doctor put me on 2 different drugs digitalis and digoxin. The doctor made it very clear to me that I would have to be on these drugs for the rest of my life to prevent either a heart attack or a stroke.

I was on the meds for almost a year when I was introduced to Immunocal. After being on the product for a number of months I decided I would slowly take myself off the drugs and see how I felt. I was a little nervous when I went to have a check up and a stress test on my heart functions.

I came through with flying colors and since then I have been drug free for over 20 years. I am so grateful to Dr. Bounous for having developed Immunocal which has kept me healthy and free from toxic drugs.

Best Regards,

James’ Success

Hepatitis B 9/14/20

Dear Dr. Petrosino : Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) had downed me so much that I was feeling extremely weak everyday. I had no hope hope that I could find a product that would help me so much. Thanks to Immunotec for developing this product. After using Immunocal for nine months, I have realized tremendous results and am getting more better as time goes by. I have more energy and vitality, and the viral DNA test indicates that the virus is going down gradually. My doctor was really amazed about the results and told me to keep using the product since INTERFERON didn’t work for me. The viral count went down from 5500 to only 500 the last time he did the test, and I hope that I will clear the virus from my system. The liver function test is extremely good. At this moment, I feel 80% better.

I am so excited to be part of the product Immunocal. I recommend anybody with HBV to try this product.

Best Regards,
James Busienei

Lios Story

Diabetes 9/14/20

Lois Sausville shared this: I was introduced to Immunocal in October 2000. I am a diabetic and was taking glucophage 500mg AM and PM. I began taking one packet of Immunocal per day. Within 1 1/2 months I was off of my glucophage. I went for my 3 months check up and my Dr. had a fit because I stopped my pills without his permission. I asked him to wait until my blood test was back to see it’s results and he did. His nurse called me, to say that the Dr. said that the blood test was normal, to continue what I was doing! I also was on the verge of having my gall bladder removed because of the pain that it caused me. After being on IMMUNOCAL for 6 weeks, the pain was gone and has not returned. What a powerful detoxifier IMMUNOCAL is. I thank GOD for discovering this life-changing product. It has improved the quality of my life immensely

Best Regards,

Connie’s Heart Story

Heart 9/14/20

Here’s how it goes: They recently went to their family physician for a checkup. For many years my brother has been taking various prescriptions for high blood pressure. .He has been taking two packs of Immunocal for the past one and a half months.. Last week his blood pressure reading was 111/71 – absolutely phenomenal The Doctor immediately asked what he had been doing differently and was told about the Immunocal the Doctor was amazed and told him to keep taking it. He also asked for information on the product. In addition, my sister- in- law has had problems with her thyroid for a long time. Her function tests over the years would fluctuate – sometimes high, then low – causing a variety of problems and complications. At this same visit the Dr said her latest test was normal .(She’s been on two packs of Immunocal for a month or so longer than my brother) Just as they were leaving his office the Doctor reminded them to get the information to him asap. Herb – this warms my heart. Words cannot convey how fantastic this makes me feel. I am on Cloud Nine

Much love,

Dena’s Immunocal Story - Graves

Graves Disease 9/14/20

Hi Everyone! This is my first time commenting, as I am new to the product and a casual sharer. But I wanted to let you all know I have been taking Immunocal since about mid June, 2020. I worked up to two regular and two platinum. I’m 43 years old and have been battling Graves Disease for 12 years.

I still have my thyroid and remain on a low dose of medication. I manage my condition with diet, the medication, and various other health products. However, I have never been able to get my autoimmune levels (TSI) in the normal range.

I just received my latest lab work back and my autoimmune numbers are in the normal range since I was first diagnosed 12 years ago. Absolutely unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the Puerini’s for sharing this with me. I had been taking NAC for years and it was obviously doing NOTHING.

Please share this testimonial with anyone dealing with an autoimmune condition.

Thank you!
Dena Holmes

June’s Thankful Story - Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s 9/14/20

My name is June Martin, wife of John Martin who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1998. At that time he was forgetful but we still had a very normal life. By 1999 he had to stop driving and mid-2000 needed to be watched. In July 2002 he was admitted to VA Nursing Home. Went in walking with slight unsteadiness, talking and was continent. In Sept. 2003 he was no longer able to walk and was incontinent. By November 2003 he had pretty much been silent for 7 or 8 months. He wouldn’t open his eyes, couldn’t sit up in wheelchair, didn’t talk (just grunted) and drooled constantly. Started the Immunocal in October 2003, two packets a day and in December I increased his dosage to four. Started seeing much improvement. He started sitting up straight, opened his eyes more and started talking again. In June 2004 he went to therapy and was peddling from his wheelchair, walking with the help of a machine and with no machine the aides held his arms and he walked with them for quite some distance, talking up a “Storm” while doing so. He said” I’m going to walk home” He is ‘THE STAR’ of the Nursing Home. I have very recently purchased a used handicap van with a ramp so I can bring him home, take him to the Mall and to the beach where we can walk the boardwalk. It really stimulates him being out as he some times asks me if he’ll ever “get out of here”. John is a “backseat” drives though!! When we got home one day he said, “When you get a little bit older you’ll drive better”! I’m 71 years young and he is a very young 85 and looks great! Other than Alzheimer’s John is a very healthy man. . It’s a miracle!!! All 21 residents that were in the Alzheimer’s Ward when John went in, have passed away and he has been upgraded (out of that ward) and has gotten much better. God Bless you all at Immunotec.

I’m a two time cancer survivor so needless to say I’m taking Immunocal also

Thank you!
June Martin

Shirley’s Experience

Diabetes 9/14/20

Hi! My name is Shirley Hulen, a 74-year-old homemaker from Milwaukie, Oregon. After having several tests done at the Women’s Fair, a nurse advised me to see my doctor because of elevated blood sugar. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as a result of the HbA1c test done at that visit. Next came a class at the hospital where we learned all aspects of diabetes, including neuropathy. At that time, I had no feeling from the ankles down, along with the tingling and pain. My disappointment came when I was told this condition would never go away and would continue to progress as more nerves were damaged. And progress it did—until it finally reached both knees! Since this was something I had to live with for the rest of my life, or so I was told, I accepted the fact I would be very inactive when I should be exercising to help control my blood sugar and to lose weight. Near the end of 2001, I learned about Immunocal and on January 7, 2002 I took my first packet. Within weeks, I began to notice some things missing or improved. A sore in one ear was gone after 3 to 4 years. No more headaches, because my year-round sinus infections were also gone after many years. I was able to almost close both hands after arthritis prevented it from happening. Imagine my excitement when I noticed that my neuropathy had lowered almost two inches below my knees. In the middle of March I began taking two packets of Immunocal a day and by late June the neuropathy was only in the bottom of my feet. How exciting for something that would NEVER be reversed! We just came back from our church campout on the Oregon coast. This year I walked everywhere I needed to go, with much improved balance. Last year I could only walk short distances with assistance and had to be driven the longer ones. Praise the Lord and Immunotec for Immunocal!!!!

P.S. My eyes are in excellent condition and there is no blurring

Best Regards,
Shirley Hulen

Elizabeth’s Improvement

High Cholesterol 9/14/20

Dear Dr. Petrosino: “My cholesterol level went from 340 to 140 after only 15 days of taking 2 packets of Immunocal per day. Also, I had a fairly large cyst in my breast which my doctor first saw 4 or 5 years ago. Each year I had an ultra sound and it was slowly getting bigger. The doctor was going to biopsy it this year, but after ultrasound, it had almost completely disappeared! Immunocal is the only thing I have been doing differently.”

Elizabeth Ackerman

Edith’s Story - Cancer

Cancer 9/14/20

I would like to share my story of how Immunocal has saved my life.

In November of 2001, at 83, I lost my husband, Howard, to cancer. In the next few months I became aware that I was losing weight, although I felt fine. By January, after successive checks with my doctor, he suggested I go for a few tests. A few tests included several weeks of ultrasounds, and biopsies of my liver, stomach, and bone marrow.

By April the results were in. I had cancer (lymphoma). As my doctor put it, this can be like a raging lion within the body, but chemotherapy is very successful in knocking it back. By mid–August, after six treatments, I was in pretty bad shape with terminal lymphoma (Stage IV, rampant/wasting). The last scan still showed cancerous nodes on my abdomen and chest.

My grand-daughter was a great help to me, as I just didn’t have the energy to do very much for myself. I had a walker by my bed, but couldn’t even get out of bed to stand or use the commode.

In early September, Paul Rothe, suggested I try Immunocal. I took three packs per day, and by November, was feeling much better. I must have been better because I was able to host the family dinner for Christmas!

In March, when Paul made one of his calls to see how I was doing, I was able to tell him that I was almost back to my old self. My last scan was complete clear, and I didn’t have to go for another checkup for three months!

Although I have only regained 20 of the 34 pounds I lost during my illness, I am doing really well. But, I am still taking two packs of Immunocal per day to keep cancer from coming back. If I hadn’t taken Immunocal, the story would have been a lot different.


Natalie’s Son’s Success - Autism

Autism 9/14/20

Dear Mr. Roberts:
My name is Natalie Stubbs and I reside outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. My son, Ethan, recently turned 7 and has been taking Immunocal since he was 6 to 9 months old. At age 4, Ethan was diagnosed with autism. His most recent set of school evaluations show some unexpected and very exciting results. The school psychologist remarked, “We know Ethan had autism, and now it looks like he does not” and could not account for that result. He shows a range of neurologic abilities never really anticipated for his autism. I am aware that Immunotec has ongoing trials involving autism going on in Florida. I wondered if you or any of the doctors would be interested in reviewing Ethan’s case as his experience with your product predates his personal diagnosis of autism and may predate the onset of your trials.

Please feel free to contact me if you believe Ethan’s experience would be beneficial to your efforts to help others like him with your wonderful product. Immunocal has truly given Ethan a more typical life than anticipated and appears to have helped him break the limits of his autism. We would love to work with you to help others in any way possible.

Natalie G. Stubbs